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Gravotec over the years: when experience combines with modernity

Gravotec Our Enterprise History 01 Founded In 1959 By Giuseppe Montalbano

Founded in 1959 by Giuseppe Montalbano

Gravotec Sàrl began its activities with an engraving workshop in a small workshop in Lausanne. Transferred in 1982 to the rue du Lac in Renens to accommodate its expansion, premises were set up to receive a loyal clientele and ensure optimal production.
The daughter of the founder, Laura Montalbano, accompanied by a professional team, successfully managed the company for more than twenty years before passing it on to its new buyer, Mike Finders.

Gravotec Our Enterprise History 02 Diversification Production

A diversifying production

During this time, production has diversified greatly. Today, our constantly evolving technology allows us to engrave from simple lettering to the most complex logo on all types of materials (brass, aluminum, bronze, steel, plexiglass, gravoply, glass and wood).

Gravotec Our Enterprise History 03 Digital And Laser Era

The digital and laser era

Thanks to digital and laser technology, screen printing, digital printing, cutting of self- adhesive letters, covering, decoration of windows and vehicles, engraving, supply and printing of textiles ensure a diversified production and meet all signage needs.

Gravotec Our Enterprise History 04 60 Year Activity And Quality Switzerland

Over 60 years of activity and Swiss quality

After more than 60 years of activity, at a Swiss quality level, and supported by a park of recent machines, Gravotec is today able to answer to varied and complex requests. Our goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs.
To do so, the company continues to evolve while maintaining the quality and reliability that have forged its reputation.

“At your service for your new signage solution.”

Mike Finders